We provide the following services in the field of data processing and information systems.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS):

  • Customer needs analysis along with an analysis of potential Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions,
  • Consultancy on GIS Systems development,
  • Development and implementation of GIS solutions.

Processing spatial data:

  • Data conversion between different formats (shp, kml, gml, mif, …),
  • Spatial analyses,
  • Data conversion between different mapping systems,
  • GIS data migration.


Customer needs analysis

We develop feasibility studies in the field of geographic information systems (GIS), providing the customer with all necessary information required to make a decision on the scope of changes in the client's organization and further directions of the developments.

Based on gathered information, we determine whether and how the customer defined business needs will influence IT systems currently functioning in the organization and the impact on work environment.

We present potential opportunities of development and scope of changes that should be made in information systems with particular emphasis on their implications. That gives the customer the necessary information required to take steps for further business development on the basis of information systems.


Consultancy of GIS system development

We provide consultancy services in the field of spatial information systems adaption to the changing business environment of the client organization.

We, as well, prepare analytical studies related to the comparison of the solutions available on the market in the context of business needs and customer expectations.

We develop concepts associated to information systems development, the main effect of which is project documentation that enables software development according to the previously made assumptions.


System development and implementation

Based on the developed concept described in the project documentation, we conduct works associated with developing information systems matching defined expectations of the customer.

We also carry out activities related to later implementation of the designed information system in the customer`s work environment, including the culture and work organization, so that implementing changes in the organization proceeds possibly smoothly.


Spatial data processing

We perform activities related to data conversion between individual record standards and defined coordinate systems.

We also offer spatial data migration between different platforms and data structures.

We offer support in the process of data analysis on the assumption stages, further implementation of the process of the analysis and the summary of the results.